How to Prepare & Practice Scripts

There’s no point memorizing something you’re only going to deliver once.  By all means, use notes.

For script preparation, use large enough font for your eyes and write in phrases, not sentences. Reading long run-on sentences the way they’re written in a book tends to sound like reading, not talking.  You can also mark up your script with underlines or highlights so it’s easy to see what to emphasize.

Writing material to be read
is different
than writing material to be spoken aloud.

When reading aloud,
short phrases in this format
will sound more like talking,
not reading.

Make it easy to SEE,
so it’s easy to SAY.

There is an efficient way to rehearse scripts. Anyone who has played a musical instrument knows that practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Read the first sentence aloud, slowly, five times. Then do the same with the next sentence and the third. Then say that section of script aloud, without notes. This repetition will put the content “perfectly” into your short-term memory. You can then speak the text without having part of your mental effort spent on remembering the words. You’ll be able to focus on the sense of what you’re saying.

So, prepare your script and remember … PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

~ Christina Kaya