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Thinking, Fast and Slow

thinking, fast and slow


We are astonishingly susceptible to being influenced. And there are lots of courses on persuasion, but not many on gullibility. This book examines two approaches to decision-making and how we tend to favour one over the other.

One system of thinking is fast, intuitive, and automatic. There is no intentional control over this thought process, and it can’t easily be switched off. Magic and mentalism effects work because people tend to process information this way. The general impression of what is put in front of us and the way we take the information in, directs us to draw conclusions or make decisions… quickly.

The other system of thinking is slow, deliberate and takes over when things get difficult. We can take the time to consider all the facts and weigh their merits and flaws, but we rarely do. It is, after all, a lot of work.

There are ample reviews and summaries of this book, so I’ll just recommend that you read it. But how do you know my recommendation is a good one? To make the decision, will you be thinking fast… or slow?

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