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How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense
-Gad Saad

The Parasitic Mind How Infectious Ideas are Killing Common Sense


Strap on your seat belts. In today’s landscape of political correctness, Dr. Saad shows how politically correct dogma is riddled with logical fallacies. This book may rub you the wrong way… or the right way… but you will be rubbed.

The Parasitic Mind exposes “idea pathogens” that are killing common sense and rational debate. The quest to protect fragile self-esteem from the dangers of competition will lead to a society of weakness, entitlement, and apathy. The book’s call to action is to say something. Resort to discussion rather than elimination. Silence enables liars.

And people pay a price for expressing their opinions. In the current culture, when a line of political correctness is crossed, the offender tends to be shunned. He mentions a professor who stated he prefers not to work with women because “when you criticize women they cry”. While it’s a silly statement, (I can be criticized for my opinion, too.) should he be fired for his linguistic flub?

Some women may cry. Some may swear. And some may kick him in the balls and make HIM cry. Being educated about the pitfalls of using universal quantifiers might literally save his gonads, if not his job. Of course, I have known some people in general, and some professors in particular, who make controversial statements just to prompt a reaction and stimulate an argument, or at least a discussion.

Dr. Saad holds up a mirror to extreme ideologies that are tossed around with great frequency, without requiring accountability or discussion. If you have ever shaken your head at the madness of extreme political correctness, in the media, on blogs, or in daily conversations, you’ll enjoy this read.

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