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Last Saturday my neighbours invited me over for dinner. They are a family of four with two young daughters, a dog named Dharma and Fred, the cat.

In conversation, we got talking about all the different things you could order on Amazon during retail lockdowns. The Dad said that earlier in the summer they had ordered a dolly that came from Wales.

Now, I thought the “dolly” he meant was the kind you dress up and play with, but I knew he meant the country, Wales. The little girl knew he was talking about the dolly they used to carry stuff around in their garden, but she thought Dad was talking about the “whales” in the ocean.

I wondered why a Welsh doll would be ordered to immigrate all the way over here, when a qualified local doll could probably fill the job.

The little girl wondered why a dolly would be brought here by a whale, when there would probably be one you could order from the local hardware store.

Our misinterpretations were completely logical, really.

We eventually sorted it out.

The lasagna was delicious.

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