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Four Little Words

Magnifying glass


“Do your own research.” 

Sounds reasonable, but most people don’t know how to do their own research, especially when it comes to medical science. How likely is it you’re going to spend time in a medical library and look up authoritative sources, analyze the information and be able to draw an educated conclusion? 

I wouldn’t want advice from my hairdresser about my teeth any more than I would want advice on a haircut from my dentist. I personally don’t take medical advice from football players, newscasters, or celebrities of any kind unless they have an accredited medical degree. It turns out, very few do. 

How many people are familiar with “The induction-deductive method”?  “Analytic-synthetic method”? Who knows how to determine a hypothesis, or can answer: “What is a double-blind study?” 

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then go ahead. Do your own research. 

Otherwise, your results will be more a reflection of these four little words:

“Garbage in, garbage out.”

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